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Target Promo Code

No matter what you are looking for, Target has you covered.  From toys, to clothing to electronics and everything in between, Target has you covered.  Not only does Target have thousands of products to choose from, they often have Target promo codes, to save you even more money.

In addition to the promo codes listed below, target has many other ways to save that you may not have known about.

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Recent Target Promo Codes

Father’s Day Promo Codes

  • 20% off All Men’s Gear with Target Promo Code TGTQXT3X ( June 7-13, 2012)
Other Promo Codes
  • $2 off our June Book Club Pick – State of Wonder with Promo Code RBE5KBEP ( June 3-30, 2012)
  • 20% off any product from Champneys with Promo Code TGTDP7HV  ( June 7 – July 6, 2012)
  • Save $20 on any Soundfreaq Item with Promo Code XSWWEYEK ( June 3-9, 2012)
  • $5 off All Men’s Denizen & Wrangler Jeans & Shorts with Promo Code TGTE2VBK ( June 3-9, 2012)


About Target

Target is a chain of general merchandise stores that carry clothing, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty products, electronics, compact discs, DVDs, bedding, kitchen supplies, sporting goods, toys, pet supplies, automotive supplies, and hardware supplies. Target also carries seasonal merchandise such as patio furniture and Christmas decorations. Many stores, may also have Target Optical, Target Clinic, and a portrait studio.  Target stores come in three sizes, regular Target, Target GreatLand, and Super Target.

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